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                 Date of Application or Renewal: _________________________________

1.       Application/Renewal for the ____________________________Chapter of the National Association Breweriana Advertising (NABA) is hereby submitted.

2.       The Names of ten or more persons supporting this application are shown on the next page. Chapters renewing, do not need to list members, only Officers/Board members.  

3.       The Officers and/or Board of the proposed Chapter will be (or are for renewals):

     Position                              Name                                                    email               NABA?

  President            _________________________   ___________________________  Yes    No

Vice President     _________________________   ___________________________     Yes    No

Secretary             _________________________   ___________________________   Yes    No 

Treasurer            _________________________   ____________________________   Yes    No  

Board Member      ______________________       ____________________________   Yes    No

Board Member      ______________________       ____________________________   Yes    No

4.       The Chapter proposes to serve the following territory: __________________________

5.       The purpose of the Chapter is:_____________________________________________

6.       Does the Chapter issue a newsletter?  _________If Yes, how often? _______________

7.       The Chapter agrees to abide by the following, as stated in the Bylaws of NABA

7.1    A Chapter must abide by the Preamble to the Bylaws of NABA, a non-profit corporation as follows:               

    The National Association Breweriana Advertising (hereafter NABA) is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Illinois, for the purpose of promoting the appreciation and preservation of brewery advertising through research of brewery history in the United States.  All the property held and to be acquired by NABA will be dedicated to the accomplishment of this purpose, and no part of the assets or income of the Association will ever inure to the benefit of any person.

7.2    It is encouraged that a minimum of one Chapter Officer and one or more other Officers and/or Board member maintain NABA membership.   

7.3     A Chapter cannot represent itself as an agent, nor incur debts or contract in the name of NABA.  

8.       Chapters of NABA have the following privileges:

8.1     A Chapter may describe itself as an affiliate of NABA, and may advertise its functions as sanctioned by NABA.  

8.2    Chapter name and a list of Chapter Officers will be published on the NABA website.

8.3     A Chapter may advertise functions and report on activities on a regular basis, without charge, in the NABA Breweriana Collectors Events Page.

8.4     A Chapter may advertise, at reduced rates, display ads in other parts of the Breweriana Collector.  

8.5     A Chapter is expected to include reference to being an NABA Chapter on any Website or other printed document or advertisement.

8.6     If the Chapter publishes a periodic newsletter, a copy MUST be sent to the Chapter Liaison at the address shown below.  

8.7    There is no charge for being a Chapter in NABA.

9.       The Chapter CONTACT for matters pertaining to this application is:

    Name _______________________________________________                
    Address ______________________________________________

         City __________________________State _______Zip_________

    Phone________________________ Email ______________________________

10.   Questions regarding Chapter Association or status should be directed to the Chapter Liaison:                                                              

                                                               Darla Long, Chapter Liaision

                                                          36 Lindenwood Blvd

                                                               Alton, IL 62002-4451

                                                          (618) 946-0256



11.   Chapter Members:                    NABA?                                           NABA?

      1.____________________Yes   No   6. ____________________Yes  No

           2. ____________________Yes  No   7. ____________________Yes  No

      3. ____________________Yes  No   8. ____________________Yes  No

           4. ____________________Yes  No   9. ____________________Yes  No

      5. ____________________Yes  No  10. ____________________Yes  No
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